Miami East Soccer is a Recreational soccer program for the youth ages 3-19. 

Registration typically starts in the Spring and finished by May 30th

Age Division:

3-4 Grasshoppers-4U(coed), 5-6 Lollipops-6U (coed), 7-8 Passers-8U (coed), 9-10 Wings-10U (separate boys & girls teams), 11-12 Strikers-12U (separate boys & girls teams), 13-14 Kickers-14U (separate boys & girls teams).

Registration open until August 9th for:  15-19 Minors/Seniors (coed).  

Ages are as of Dec 31, 2020 

Passers and older will have a yearend tournament. Wings and older will travel with our other districts in our area (Bethel, Northwestern, Tipp City and Graham).

Games are played one day during the week (except Friday) and on Saturday.

For questions you may have about Miami East Youth Soccer, please contact us at and follow us on Facebook for all important messages throughout the season.